ACUVUE® OASYS with Transitions™ contact lenses are here.  They are a two-week lens that becomes dark outdoors.  They block harmful light when outdoors and also helps reduce stress from indoor lighting.  These contact lenses have given some relief to our light-sensitive concussion patients.  Contact us to find out if these lenses are right for you.


Dr. Wolman invented the Wolman Fusion Fixator which is being manufactured and distributed by Bernell:

The Wolman Fusion Fixator is designed to allow the doctor and therapist to have a free hand to verify eye alignment via Cover Test or to utilize a second tool, such as a loose prism, all while providing the patient with a fixation target and easy way to appreciate physiological diplopia.

The Wolman Fusion Fixator can be used to locate a centration point, for convergence and divergence training, and can easily be used in conjunction with loose prism when working on vergence.

This device is an excellent tool for push-up training."

Eye Make a Difference:

Wolman Vision and Therapy Center is a proud supporter of Eye Make A Difference, a no-cost way for companies, individuals, and organizations to donate glasses to help those in need.  Thanks to your support we just packed up 131 pairs of glasses to donate!

For further information about Eye Make a Difference visit their website at:​